How to Avoid Taking Bed Bugs with You When Moving


Are you struggling to get rid of bed bugs?  You are probably beyond frustrated and may be ready to move. If you decide this is the best route, make sure not to accidentally bring the problem with you to your new home.


Here are a few steps to avoid taking bed bugs with you when you move: 

  • Anything that can be laundered (clothing, linens, blanket, towels, pillows, etc.) should be put through the wash on hot and dried on high heat. Remove the items from the dryer and promptly seal in a plastic bag. Immediately remove the plastic bags from the house and place them in your vehicle or moving truck.
  • Treat your mattress in advanced and encase with a mattress cover once complete. Use a bright LED light to check all the seams of the cover for any additional bed bugs before loading.
  • It is very hard to guarantee that there are no bed bugs hiding in upholstered items such as couches or chairs. Treat them with steam, pesticides or a vapor treatment and immediately move the item somewhere safe afterwards to avoid reinfestation. If you can’t ensure an item is free of bugs it may be better to discard it and replace it with something new.


Moving Day and Preventing Unwanted Bed Bugs

Moving day has arrived and the last thing you want to do is have unwanted bed bugs hitch a ride with you to your new house. Moving is very stressful but you need to keep your cool and remain cautious. Here are a few things that you can do on moving day to prevent the bed bugs from moving with you:

  • Bathe your dogs and cats. Although bed bugs do not infect animals like fleas, one or two might be hiding in the animal's hair. Also, don’t overlook your pets bedding and toys. You will want to treat such items in the exact same manner that you have treated your own personal items to prevent bringing bed bugs to a new home. A dog bed or a blanket in a crate is an ideal hiding spot for bed bugs.
  • Everyone in the household who will be making the move should shower and change into bug-free clothing in the bathroom before leaving. Seal your dirty clothes in a plastic bag to launder later.
  • Inspect everything again before it goes onto a moving truck and to your new home. Look in all cabinets, dressers, under cushions, and tables using a flashlight to find unwanted bugs.


Invest in a Bug Heater

Portable heaters are available to heat items that cannot be placed in a dryer. These are great for shoes, books, rugs, or other items. You place them inside, set the timer, and the device heats for six hours to kill all bed bugs, nymphs, and eggs. Another option is to place all the items in sealed plastic bags with a vapor treatment pad designed to kill bed bugs.


Discarding Bug Infested Items

If you decide not to take your furnishings, you should wrap the items in plastic and place a sign on them that states they are infested with bed bugs. You do not want your neighbors or a stranger to unknowingly pick up the items and infest their homes as well.


What to Do When You Arrive at Your New Home

Arriving at your new home is exciting. However, you might not be safe from the pests just yet. As you unload remain vigilant. Give all items another looks using a flashlight. Also, promptly treat any items that need washed and heated.


Watching for Bed Bugs After You Move In

Sadly, bed bugs can be very hard to eliminate. Even if you take the above steps, it only takes one pregnant female to infest an entire house again. When you first move into the new house, put interceptor devices under the legs of your bed and furniture and monitor them for bed bugs. Even if you see just one, it is time to take action and stop the colony from growing. Remember, it is far easier and cheaper to treat a few bed bugs than many. You should immediately begin home treatments or call a qualified exterminator before the infestation gets out of hand. Early treatment is the best route to success.


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