What is Proof® Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer?

Proof® is a plant-based bed bug and dust mite spray that kills on contact and vaporizes to penetrate hard-to-reach areas throughout your home. It can be used on sofas, floorboards, furniture, carpets, cracks, and crevices to drive bugs out from where they hide and quickly eliminate infestations. It’s approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA Reg. No. 88760-6) and extensively lab tested.


What is in Proof®?

Proof® is a water-based spray made up of 5.5% neem oil as the active ingredient and 94.5% inert ingredients.

Neem oil is a tropical plant oil that kills bugs on contact and through vapor action as it evaporates. The inert ingredients present in the spray allow the oil to mix with water, helping it to be sprayed evenly and effectively.


How much does Proof® cost?

The cost varies by retailer, but Proof® is typically sold for $15-$20 before tax.


Where is Proof® available?

Proof® Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer is sold in select Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and Home Depot locations throughout the United States. To find a store near you, check out our store locator on the Proof® Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer's product page.

Proof® Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer can also be purchased from Amazon.

Currently, Proof® is available for purchase in the United States only. 


There’s a past date on my bottle - is it expired?

No! Some Proof® bottles have a packaging date printed on the bottle. Don’t worry, Proof® is effective for up to 2 years after this date, provided it's stored correctly.


How does Proof® work?

Proof® pairs the natural power of cold-pressed neem oil with patented delivery technology which increases the performance and consistency of the active ingredient by delivering it directly to the target. It kills on contact and emits vapor to penetrate hard-to-reach areas where bugs hide. Use it on mattresses, sofas, cracks, and crevices to control bed bug and dust mite infestations.


Where should I spray Proof®?

Treating the entire home is the best way to avoid re-infestation, concentrating on any room where bugs or eggs were seen, or where bites occurred. This is usually rooms where people spend a lot of time stationary on a bed or couch. Focus spraying on and around beds, headboards, bed frames, bedside tables, the perimeter of the room where the walls meet the floor, gaps under wallpaper, furniture, and other cracks and crevices surrounding the bed or sleeping area. Keep in mind that absorbent surfaces like carpet or porous woods will soak up more product and emit a heavier scent than other materials.

All loose items in treated areas should also be sealed into garbage bags and laundered when possible.

Do NOT spray directly onto electrical outlets or devices plugged into electrical outlets due to risk of electrical shock.


How much should I spray?

The application amount is highly dependent on the type of material and area being sprayed. For a typical queen size mattress, for example, one 16 fl. oz. bottle should be sufficient. In this case, application should focus on the piping and stitching to ensure hidden bed bugs are killed.

For areas that include desks, flooring, or other hard surfaces, one 16 fl. oz. bottle should be sufficient for treating an area around 96 square feet, or approximately one bedroom.

The application amount is equivalent to one fluid ounce per 1.5 - 6 square feet of area. The rule of thumb is to spray until moist. Read the bottle label for full details.


How long do I need to wait before sleeping on a treated mattress?

You may sleep on a bed approximately 4 hours after treating it with Proof®. Make sure to place clean sheets or a mattress encasement on the mattress prior to sleeping. If the scent is still strong it is recommended that you wait until Proof® has fully evaporated.



Is it safe around kids?

Proof® doesn't pose a risk to human health. The spray is plant-based and uses no synthetic chemicals or toxins.


Is this safe to use on my furniture/wood floors/fabrics?

As with any spray product, always use a small amount first and do a fabric spot test on an unseen location to check for discoloration, colorfastness, and other damage prior to use. The spray is water-based, so items prone to water damage should not be sprayed, such as cardboard and books. Refer to the bottle label for full details.


Is it safe around pets?

Proof® doesn't pose a risk to pets' health. It uses neem oil, which is a tropical plant oil that kills bed bugs by physically overwhelming them. Larger animals aren't affected the same way but should be kept away from the area being treated as a precaution.


Is this smell normal?

Yes. The active ingredient in Proof® is neem oil which has a characteristic odor. The smell will dissipate as the spray evaporates and as it evaporates the vapor emitted will kill remaining bed bugs, dust mites, and their eggs. If you can smell it- that means it’s working!


How long does the Proof® Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer scent last?

Typically, the scent will last anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the material’s level of absorption of the product and the amount applied.


How do I eliminate lingering smell?

Proof® will smell as long as the spray is evaporating. Ensure that the product has been allowed to work sufficiently by leaving it undisturbed for at least four hours. For heavier infestations, reapply the product as needed.

Once you feel confident the bugs are gone, wipe down any hard surfaces that were sprayed with warm soap and water. Note that fabrics, cloth, and carpet will absorb more product and hold the scent longer. Any loose items that can be laundered should be washed with mild detergent and carpets and furniture can be steam cleaned.

After washing, spraying an unscented odor-eliminating spray and increasing ventilation in the area can help eliminate any leftover scent.

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