Bed Bugs in the News: June Recap

The news has been hopping with stories about bed bugs as they become more common and widespread. These blood sucking pests are on the rise and on the move. Check out the latest news on the creepy crawly bugs. 


Number One City in the US for Bed Bugs: Philadelphia 

Philly received the rather dubious honor of being nominated the number one city in the U.S. for bed bugs, according to a report Terminix released a report on the third of June. The city seems to be swarming with bed bugs, with public transport even a risk. A video released last year showed the upholstered seats of one of the city’s SEPTA buses covered in live bed bugs. 


Bronx 911 Dispatch Center Crawling with Bed Bugs

For the first two weeks of June, the 911 Dispatch Center in the Bronx, New York was infested with bed bugs. Bug-sniffing dogs were called in to detect the bed bugs’ location and found them in various rooms including the lobby couches and within vending machines. The building is over 450,000 square feet so there are plenty of places to hide. It houses 300 NYPD workers, 120 EMS, and 120 fire dispatch personnel. The response to the bed bugs has apparently been slow causing the discouraged employees to file a complaint with their union.


Bed Bugs Infesting Michigan’s Adult Residential Care Facilities

The Traverse City Record-Eagle broke the shocking news that more than one-third of the adult residential care facilities in northwestern lower Michigan have been cited for serious health safety violations over the last three years, including bed bug infestations. 


Bed Bugs in the Library

The library at Kankakee Community College in Illinois reopened this month after they found a thriving colony of bed bugs in one of the couches. The couch and other items of furniture were removed, and the entire premises was treated to eradicate the bugs. In two weeks, the exterminator is scheduled to return but at this time they believe that the library is bed bug-free and again safe for students and others. 


Metal Frames to Protect Against Bed Bugs

In Wichita Falls, the Salvation Army has partnered with the Faith Mission to replace all of their current bed frames with metal frames to reduce the spread of bed bugs. The bugs have a much harder time climbing metal bed frame legs, offering more protection for the bed’s inhabitants.


Detox Center Forced to Turn Patients Away

In North Carolina, a Detox Center known as the Daymark Recovery Center has closed its doors to patients and told staff to take time off while the premises undergoes bed bug treatment.


Bed Bugs in Wayfair Bed

The online retail giant Wayfair has recently come under fire for supposedly selling a bed frame riddled with bed bugs to a man in Illinois. Ronald Gorny came forward claiming that he was sold a bed that contained bed bugs and that he was not the only one to have had such an experience with Wayfair.


Popular Restaurant has Bed Bugs in their Booths

Eight live bed bugs were found in the booths at Fish Hopper Restaurant on Alii Drive in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. A pest control company was brought in to treat the premises. The restaurant could remain open and still holds its Green Pass for having not more than one incident considered critical. 


Colorado Governor Signs HB 1328 Addressing Bed Bugs 

Governor Jared Polis signed the HB 1328 bill in to law which positions pest management professionals as a private-sector solution for the state’s bed bug problem. The bill covers the responsibilities of the tenants to notify the landlords. The landlord then has only 96 hours to hire a pest control company to inspect and possibly treat the dwelling. In addition, the landlord is responsible for all costs associated with controlling and eradicating the pests. 


Nashua Bed Bug Problems

Officials in Nashua are concerned the city’s persistent bed bug problem is going to affect tourism. Many apartment dwellers (who seem to be suffering the most) are moving out of their homes in search of housing in neighboring communities. The city is hard at work updating the educational materials for citizens and want tenants to know that once they spot a bed bug- the landlord has seven days to investigate. 


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