13 Common Bed Bug Hiding Spots

Do you suspect that you have bed bugs? Just the thought of having these blood-sucking insects living alongside you and your family is enough to send most people scrambling to call an exterminator. The best way to confirm the presence of bed bugs in your home is to locate the nests where they gather to lay eggs and hide. If you’re wondering where to begin, we’ve got you covered.


Top Places Bed Bugs Hide

Here are 13 common places where bed bugs often hide:

  1. In the seams and piping of your box springs or mattress
  2. The cracks or crevices of your bedframe or headboard
  3. Along baseboards
  4. Behind wallpaper
  5. Within electrical outlets
  6. Within the seams and cushions of your upholstery
  7. In the bindings and spines of books
  8. Behind wall hangings
  9. Where the wall meets the ceiling
  10. Inside the head of screws
  11. In your electronics such as a clock or bedside lamp
  12. In your dresser drawers
  13. Between the wall and carpet seams


How to Check for Bed Bugs

How to Check for Bed Bugs

To check these popular spots, grab a flashlight and a screwdriver. Investigate these locations while shining the light directly on the area. Watch for bugs, shed exoskeletons, eggs, and reddish fecal matter.


Inspect all Furnishings  

If you have any chairs or furnishings in your bedroom take the time to look along the seams and cushions. Another popular spot to find bed bugs is where the fabric of the chair or couch joins with the legs. 

The perimeter of the room should always be carefully examined. Bed bugs will hide at the very edge of the carpet, down along the tack strip. They will also slip behind baseboards. You can try peeling up an edge of your carpeting to get a closer look.


Pay Close Attention to the Dresser

Your dresser is going to take time to inspect. First, empty out all the drawers of clothing and items. Take the time to look over each thing that you pull out. Once the dresser is completely empty, remove the drawers one by one and look under them and along the edges. Use a flashlight to look inside the dresser at the runners and the edges within.


Distance and Bed Bugs

Bed bugs do not like to travel a great distance to feed so are not typically found in your bathroom or kitchen. Instead, they like to hide close to your bed and in rooms where you spend time stationary. Start your search at your mattress and work your way out from there. With persistence and a thorough, detailed search, you’ll be able to track down where these pests are hiding so you can then begin the elimination process!


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