PROOF® Bed Bug Nest Killer₁ (Mattress & Furniture)

Product image 1PROOF® Bed Bug Nest Killer₁ (Mattress & Furniture): Front
Product image 2PROOF® Bed Bug Nest Killer₁ (Mattress & Furniture): 3D
Product image 3PROOF® Bed Bug Nest Killer₁ (Mattress & Furniture): Included Contents
Product image 4PROOF® Bed Bug Nest Killer₁ (Mattress & Furniture)
Product image 5PROOF® Bed Bug Nest Killer₁ (Mattress & Furniture)
Product image 6PROOF® Bed Bug Nest Killer₁ (Mattress & Furniture)

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Contains: 4 Treatment Pads, 1 Large Treatment Bag (large enough for a king-sized mattress)


Use this product to kill bed bugs, dust mites and their eggs living on the surface and inside cracks and crevices of mattresses, box springs, furniture, large electronics and other items which can be placed in a treatment bag.

No need to throw away a mattress or sofa - contains everything needed for a single treatment.  

For Luggage and Household items, purchase the Bed Bug Nest Killer₂ for Luggage & Household Items.


100% Effective* 

  • Uses powerful vapor action to kill the bed bugs and eggs that sprays can’t reach. 


*when used as directed


  • Perfect for treating large items such as mattresses and sofas – includes a treatment bag large enough for a king-sized mattress.


  • Pairs the power of cold-pressed neem oil with patented delivery technology, a non-toxic mode of action that takes natural to the next level.

It Smells, but it Works 

  • Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and extensively lab tested. The smell is worth it!


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    • PROOF Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer: Delivered in 7-14 days from Order
    • PROOF Bed Bug Nest Killer: Delivered in 7-14 days from Order

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    How to Treat

    Step 1
    For Mattress: Lean Mattress (box-spring) upright against a wall away from spark, flame or heat source. Place bag around mattress from top. Turn bag and mattress onto side. Pull bag until mattress is all the way in. 
    For Other Furniture: Place items inside treatment bag carefully to avoid damaging the bag. Do not attempt to place heavy or large items in bag by yourself.
    Step 2
    Remove peel-off seals to expose the vents. Remove sticker liner from back.
    Step 3
    Affix four (4) treatment pads to inside of bag near top with vent holes facing in. Ensure vent holes are not blocked. Seal bag completely. Inspect bag for airtightness. Repair any holes airtight using tape (e.g. packing tape).
    After 48 Hours:
    Open bag in well ventilated area or outdoors, away from heat, spark or open flame. Unplug any electrical devices nearby. Air out before removing treated item. Treated items can be used immediately. 
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