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Our Story

A safer approach – for our families, and for our world.

Our story begins with the Vancouver Olympics. Our founder, Karn Manhas, found himself debating a friend in a pub whether there could be a solution to the city’s looming Olympics-induced bed bug crisis.

Karn bet his friend that he could find plant based alternatives more effective than the toxic chemicals currently used to kill bedbugs, in time for the Vancouver’s Olympics.

A few months later, it was clear that Karn had succeeded.

Years later and many thousands of hours of independent research confirming Karn’s spectacular results later, here we are – delivering you PROOF.

And this is just the beginning – we at Terramera are committed to creating an army of revolutionary products replacing toxic pesticides with safer plant based alternatives.

You see, conventional pesticides in use today grew out of an unlikely industry: chemicals for war that were designed primarily to kill – not just insects, but pretty much everything.

We take a very different approach. We study plants that over millions of years of evolution have evolved highly effective pest defenses. And we harness the power of these natural plant defenses with innovative green chemistry.

Products based on our platform have been shown to be more effective than conventional chemical pesticides. But just as important – they don’t have conventional pesticides’ toxicity and environmental damage.

A safer approach – for our families, and for our world.