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Find bed bugs early for best treatment success.

Here’s where to look:

Bed bugs usually hide near the bed in dark, tight spaces. Carefully inspect the headboard.
Lift the sheets off the mattress and inspect the seams. Look for signs of fecal spotting or eggs.
Bedbugs don't stray far from the bed. Inspect the furniture, like tables, lamps, and sofas.

And here’s what to look for:

Bed bug eggs are tiny and translucent.
Adult bed bugs are small and brown in color.

* Other signs of an infestation may include skin bites or welts, or small spots of blood on sheets, pillowcases, or mattresses.

If You Have Bed Bugs, You Need Proof®!

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Room Inspection Guide

Just follow the simple steps in this visual guide and inspect a room in minutes.


Use your smartphone camera and the built in-flashlight to inspect a room.

Compare Mode

Take a picture and compare it against a library of bed bug photos.

Why Are Bed Bug Infestations Exploding in the U.S.?

From condos and town homes, to dorms and family homes, bed bugs are everywhere humans are. And in the last few years, they have expanded their domain across every single state in the U.S. The unfortunate reality is that infestations have continued to increase dramatically because most products haven’t worked, until now. Proof was developed by a team of scientists who believed in harnessing the natural defenses of plants to protect people against pests. The results of their research were off the charts. In independent studies, PROOF was proven to be a smarter, faster, safer way to kill bed bugs and their eggs. This amazing travel spray is finally available to help keep you protected.